character story

A tired exhausted afternoon,
a black cat Pero came.

One day, Pero came under the bridge. He brought a paper and wants to play with me. When I print the paper with Paperang, he seemed satisfied. Enjoy your life printing, with Paperang.

Black cat Pero loves fish and Haro

Pero loves to play and full of curiosity. With full of charms, everyone loves him. Sometimes he is proud but it is also attractive.

Sleepy cat, Haro

White cat Haro loves to eat and sleep more than 12 hours. Especially he loves to eat fish and his belly is the charming point. He doesn't like to walk but loves to be with Pero.

Print your Life. Any Time, Any Where.

Paperang is the smart app printer. You can print your memorial moments on post-it and variety sized stickers.
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